IPv6 Extension Headers on the Internet

The data set is about: , the test was done by sending IPv6 packets with .

Test resultNumber of
%-age of
%-age of
not dropped902.12.5
destination host drop239955.7 67.7
destination AS drop86920.2 24.5
eh filtered by ISP100
transit AS drop902.1 2.5
not reached76217.7-
This test was executed with 4305 packets sent with varying hop-limit.
Not reached means that a TCP SYN packet to port 80 even without any extension header did not get any reply (not even an ICMP or TCP RST); in short, those destinations do not really exist.
Hide 'Not reached' destinations.

Measurements done from Amsterdam (Netherlands, server given by Sander Steffann). Based on work done by Eric Vyncke and Mehdi Kouhen, 2015. Graphics by Google. Written in Python using the scapy module. This service includes GeoLite data created by MaxMind, available from http://www.maxmind.com.